Unlikely Royalty By Pop Rocks & Soda (NEW RELEASE)

It’s finally here! Pop Rocks & Soda officially released their first original song, Unlikely Royalty.

Are you a fan of Pop Punk music? Well this is the band you should definitely keep an eye on. Guam’s rock music scene has been thriving as of late with the rise of bands like PR&S and many others. These guys have been working very hard and have built their popularity and following through their high energy and nostalgic performances at Cowboy Ninja and many other nightly shows around the island. The band is well known for their sets of Pop Punk hits that get people singing and screaming lyrics with the band. The band is currently comprised of,

FJ Chargualaf: Vocals
Jose Untalan: Guitar/Vocals
Phillip Bamba: Guitar/Vocals
Tony Flores: Drums

The band has had many appearances on music platforms from Guam like Live Local Fridays, Binary Sunset and right here on Acoustic Attack. Find all the links to their music and videos below.



Acoustic Attack Playlist


Unlikely Royalty on Binary Sunset